About Shen

Photo Credit: Louis Pang 

Dear friends,

Thank you for dropping by this little site where I store my past, present and future. Indeed, pleasure is mine to have you popping by and I certainly hope you enjoy every second browsing the pages, and some of my past work.

My name is Shen, a wedding and portrait photographer who turned lifetime passion to reality in life. My work is my hobby. My hobby is my work. By all means, I simply want to help more people to create unforgettable portrait images with my skill. 

Having worked in corporate world for more than ten years, I had my great time, enjoyed great company of great friends and colleagues and of course, the pay was good. I was the Regional Manager with one of the biggest asset management companies in Malaysia. High position, well respected with a lot of influence in the company, I certainly knew that there would be a day to venture into something I really love to do, something I dare to “take risk” to enjoy the adventure.

It was “Photography” that I am talking about. Or to be more specific, it has to be WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY that I am putting my 101% of effort to develop myself in the industry.

Not inherited the talent in Chinese Calligraphy like my father, who is one of the top Chinese Calligrapher in Malaysia as well as respectable status in China, my “interest” or “talent” in photography discovery was rather late. I started taking photos in order to feed the blog post I used to maintain. Just like most photography enthusiasts, I then turned into a wedding photographer in 2008, taking wedding jobs aggressively.

It was a blessed year 2009 as my debut participation in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) print competition got me a 1st Place in “Wedding Photojournalism” category, making me the first and so far the only wedding photographer in Malaysia who has won WPPI 1st Place in Wedding Photojournalism category. In the same year, I have also bagging myself another 3rd Place award in WPPI Print Competition in Wedding Details category. WPPI is the largest organisation that comes with highest standard for wedding and portrait photographers around the world.

Above: Wedding assignment at Sri Panwa, Phuket

Wedding & portrait photography has blessed me so well that I travelled different places for assignment. I certainly wouldn’t forget the best natural backdrop in Sri Panwa Resort, Phuket, Thailand, overseeing seas and mountains witnessing a wedding with my camera. Nor that I will forget the night where former Taiwan’s Vice President, Mr. Xiao Wan-chang, the VVIP in a wedding reception in Taipei, Taiwan was staring just as close as three feet away from me, while I had lots of opportunities to capture his portraits. 

But, wherever I go, irregardless how grand the wedding was, doesn’t matter who the VVIP seated at the main table, every shutter I pressed for a shot, my heart is always be at home, Kuching, Malaysia. Hence, my decision to stay back for more local assignments in Malaysia is a big step to leap so I could offer capturing higher quality of images.

Do make yourself comfortable. Shall you need further assistance, don’t forget to give us a buzz.

Till then, I wish you best.