5 Tips For New Photographers

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Congratulations! So you’ve bought a brand new DSLR and you can’t wait to start shooting! Owning your own camera is definitely something that is very exciting, as you get to showcase to your friends, your family, and everyone around you about your perspective through the images that you have captured. Learning about the ins and outs of photography can be a daunting task, but here are some easy tips for you to step up your photography game.


1.Get to know your camera

●Oftentimes, we ditch the manual and go straight to the camera, but check it out. There some hidden features that you might know about your camera, and the information from the manual can be very useful, especially if you need to troubleshoot some issues or if you just want to know how to use your camera to its maximum capacity.


2.Light is key

●Photography, in essence, is the capturing of light, which then translates to an image. Light, or the absence thereof, is the most important thing when it comes to capturing your image. Light can be manipulated in plenty of ways, whether it is the amount of light that enters through your lens, the direction of light, or even its colour. Playing with light can bring a new dimension to your images.


3.Treat your camera like it uses film

●We are well aware that we live in a digital age, and images are stored using memory cards. And thanks to that, we are blessed with the fact that we are able to see what our images look like immediately after it has been captured. However, we tend to take that for granted and snap away without giving a care in the world. All cameras have a certain shutter count, and once you’ve reached a certain point, you will have to change it. So, treat your camera like it uses film, so that you will take your time to assess what is in the frame before you take the shot.


4.Subscribe or register yourself to image related websites

●Subscribe, register, or even follow websites that host images or allow people to showcase their work. If you like someone’s work, save it. And if you don’t like someone’s work, save it too. Why? Because it is a way for you to discover what is it that you like and don’t like, and you take these things into consideration before going on your next photography shoot.


5.Be aware of your surroundings

●When you’re out for your next photography shoot, always be aware of your surroundings. More often than not, you will move yourself around in order to get the best angle possible. However, before doing that, make sure that the place that you’re about to step into is safe. Because at the end of the day, your safety is the most important thing.


These are just some of the many tips for you to kick start in photography, but we feel that these are the most important. So get out there, start shooting, and have fun!


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