Lionel & Cynthia

Finding a decent photographer was easy but to find a very skillful and talented photographer like Shen is like finding a needle in a haystack. But lucky for us, we were able to meet with Shen. My wife and me first impression when looking at his previous project were like “Wow, this photo is amazing!” and this give us the confident to hire him as our pre wedding photographer.

Doing the photoshoots is never easy for my wife and me as we have no modelling experience. The first few shoots were full with awkwardness. However, he was able to put us at ease and was so much fun to work with. The outcomes of the photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and the amazing photos.

Kenneth & Evelyn

Shen has an eye for creating out-of-the-ordinarary images from ordinary settings. It is apparent in his portraits, with his skills as an award-winning photographer, coupled with his clear directives during a shoot. We clicked pretty quickly as we realised how his simple and clean resonates with ours.

We are deeply thankful for his time to meet and understand us many times before our pre wedding photoshoot. Moreover, we are also enriched by his generous sharing of some of his experiences as a photographer and a friend throughout this pre wedding journey.


Rinat & Alicia

It was a great pleasure having Shen to capture one of the most important days in our lives. From the very first time we met we felt quite confident about his work since we saw a lot of his past projects in his studio.

Shen was very helpful and understanding throughout the whole time of preparation for our wedding and the actual day itself. He is a very friendly and fun person to work with. The actual day session was done very professionally and we all had fun. It was easy, no stress. And the moment we saw the SDE photos of our morning ceremony we once again realized that we made a right choice by signing up with Shen because the photos were amazing.

Our friends and family all agreed with us on that. Shen somehow captured every important moments on our happiest day. We’re very satisfied with his work and making his reasonably affordable price is really worth it.


Kok Wee & Florence

Shen is professional, talented and a great pleasure to work with. Even though it was our first time shooting with Shen, it feels like taking photos with friend who you trusted. Shen has given us a wonder gift that is beautiful the wedding photos.